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Time Mastery CD Set

Todd Duncan

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You begin to achieve control of your career and your life when you realize that event management is more important than time management.

With this vital paradigm in mind, Todd Duncan, America's foremost sales, time and life success authority and author of High Trust Selling, helps you change your focus…committing to the future you rather than the past you…and change your habits…concentrating on right priorities matched up with right actions.

CD 1 of this 8-CD series - an integral part of The Duncan Group's Mastery System - begins with "The Value of Time," and leads you into seven more content-packed programs that will help you take measure of yourself, invest in yourself and leverage yourself. You'll learn about the new time matrix, time blocking and even how to say no…plus you'll get practical, real-life check-ups and checklists to help you put Todd's principles into action.

The Duncan Group exists to help professionals develop their vision, optimize their efforts and achieve their goals…in sales productivity…in time maximization…and in life balance.

In this compact disc set you will receive:

  • CD #1: The Value of Time
  • CD # 2: The 30 Questions Sales Professionals Fitness Check-Up
  • CD # 3: The Company Called “You, Inc.”
  • CD # 4: Practical Theories of Efficiency
  • CD # 5: Clean It Up Before You Take It Up
  • CD # 6: A Question of Delegation
  • CD # 7: Mastering the Art of Time Blocking
  • CD # 8: A Timeless Sales Performance