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Life Mastery CD Set

Todd Duncan

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Product Description:

What does a desirable life look like to you? Todd Duncan, America's foremost sales, time and life success authority and author of High Trust Selling, shows you that building that kind of life is actually much easier than building a life that doesn't satisfy your desires.

This 8-CD set - an integral part of The Duncan Group's Mastery System - takes you on a journey…one that could change the way you see life, and change the way you live it.

CDs 1-3 let you listen to uniquely presented scenarios of life discovery, design and development that help you map out the course of a desirable life. CDs 4-8 provide you with rock-solid principles and practices for implementing positive change, from how you make choices to making failure your friend. You'll also learn the five secrets for securing significance and much more.

The Duncan Group exists to help professionals develop their vision, optimize their efforts and achieve their goals…in sales productivity…in time maximization…and in life balance.

In this compact disc set you will receive:

  • CD # 1: A Desirable Life
  • CD # 2: Establishing Your Foundation & Drafting Your Future
  • CD # 3: Raising Your Walls & Constructing Your Dream Life
  • CD # 4: Changing Your Choices
  • CD # 5: Leading Yourself to a Better Life
  • CD # 6: How to Make Failure Your Friend
  • CD # 7: Leveraging Your Life
  • CD # 8: Securing Significance and Success