The Foundation of Business Efficiency


By Todd Duncan

Have you ever had a game plan for your day but by 9:30 am it was thoroughly messed up? Have you ever then stayed relatively messed up the remainder of the day? Have you ever gotten to the end of a day like this and felt like it was a waste? If so, you are not alone.

Here’s what you need to know: If you experience wasted days, it's almost certainly because you're not running a clean business.

Wasted days happen when you don’t have a plan, when you lack vision, when you’re not clear on how to establish trust with customers, and when you don’t know how to say no to interruptions, marginal deals, or high maintenance customers. Wasted days happen when you wake up early to handle the stuff that didn’t get done yesterday, then try to make your cold calls without warming up, then attend a sales meeting where you don’t learn anything, then handle problem loans, then return calls to unsatisfied Realtors ®, then become a courier, a copy mechanic and coffee maker in one. Can you imagine what the videotape of you would look like during a day like this? In short, wasted days happen when you let red activities rule your day. But the good news is that time blocking offers a much better way to structure your time, your day, and your life.

Time blocking is the foundation of business efficiency. You must commit to mastering this principle if you want to build a booming origination business. The fundamental rationale for time blocking is the knowledge that if green(revenue generating) activities don’t get scheduled, they usually get done feebly, fruitlessly, or not at all. Therefore, great advances can be made if an originator determines to begin scheduling specific blocks of time for green activities, and commits to not spending time on red activities until green activities are done.

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