The 7 Keys to Adding Value to Your Clients


By Todd Duncan

There is no greater discipline in the High Trust Selling Process than adding value.  A regular dose of value decreases the likelihood that your clients will be wooed by your competitors and therefore increases the stability of your business.

To ensure that you maintain a value-adding approach to building your sales business, make sure that every value-adding effort is:

1. Profitable: Don’t spend money to add value without measuring whether or not the return is good.  Remember the Law of the Scale and invest more in your best clients than in any of the rest.

2. Systems Supported: Schedule your value-adding efforts regularly so you won’t forget them.

3. Content Rich: Become an expert in your business and your clients’ businesses so you can best direct your clients’ efforts for you and add the most value to your clients.  Invest in training audio/video lessons, books and seminars and be the expert your clients rely on for advice.

4. Heartfelt: Make sure your value-adding efforts are meaningful and sincere.  Handwritten notes, deeply sincere words, and an expressed desire for their total success will have an immeasurable impact on your business over time.

5. Unpredictable: Add value when your clients least expect it.

6. Relevant: Make sure your value-adding efforts are distinctively valuable to your clients (i.e., don’t send something on golf to a non-golfer.)  The more thoughtful your efforts, the better.

7. Fresh: Regularly change the manner in which you add value so your clients are continually impressed and sincerely grateful for your relationship.

When it comes to the Law of Incubation, one thing is certain:  If you consistently add significant value to your clients over time, they will eventually come to a place where they cannot imagine doing business with, or referring business to, anyone else.

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