Mastering Implementation


By Todd Duncan

Mastering implementation is really the one thing that most people do not get. If you're not implementing you are missing out on taking your High Trust business to the next level.To be a great implementor, you have to be a end result thinker. You have to be thinking each and every day, as you run your business, as you build your business, you have to be thinking end results.

The way you best do that, I think, is to make observations. To be frequently involved in asking yourself what is working and what is not. Where do you want to go that you are not in your business. And to make these observations on an hourly or a daily basis is absolutely critical. It is not only critical from the standpoint of improving your personal and professional efficiency, but it is critical from the standpoint of making sure that you build lead time into whatever processes that you are trying to put into place so that they are in place by the time it counts.

It is critical to have that thought process that does not force implementation and pressure, but rather allows implementation as part of a plan. I have found that most implementable or strategy that most people are attempting to implement that is not implemented without a sense of design and plan, but rather implemented under pressure, never gets implemented the right way.

I have witnessed that in my own career, not only as a loan officer but also as a speaker. Under end result thinking, the question I would ask you to ask yourself would be this question: What one thing, if changed, would make the biggest difference in your business? If you were to ask that question and gets four answers a year or two answers a year and implement only two to four things per year that would absolutely redefine your business.

I have to tell you something. Inside of one or two years you would be light years ahead of everybody else that is not thinking this way. Now, before you go implementing on end result, step two is critical...

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