Heart Provoking Questions


By Todd Duncan

Questions that are both heart and head provoking can begin to move an individual to a position of possibilities, and in today’s market, you need to see all the possibilities available to you.  Some of the questions I have found helpful from my Life Planning series are:

What if…? (I could get more loans? I could go home on time.  I could save more money?  I could spend more time with my family?  Whatever are my dreams and desires and what if I could achieve these?

What would need to happen to take my life to a whole new level?  My business?  My career?

What decision could be made in the next 5-minutes and what action could be taken in the next 60-minutes to create fulfillment and happiness in the (state area) of my life?

What am I not willing to settle for any longer in my life?  My business?  My finances?  My health?  My relationships?

Which areas of my life are most stressful for me these days?  Why?  What hope lies ahead in helping reduce the stress in that environment?

What could I say “no” to today that would give me more margin or freedom with my time?

These questions evoke “heart of heart” emotions.  They help center our thinking on new decisions.  They give us the chance to formulate plans and to develop new habits.  And, the answers to our questions won’t mean a thing unless we are committed to taking action consistently in the areas of change we desire.

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