7 Foundational Truths About Time


By Todd Duncan

Have you ever tried to have a perfect day and it didn’t work out as you planned it?

The good news is that if you can visualize a perfect day, you can make it happen. But you may have to change the way you think. First and foremost, you need to understand that event management, not time management, is the critical factor for creating the perfect day.

As Joey Reiman says in Thinking For a Living, “Time cannot be expanded, accumulated, or mortgaged. It’s the one thing that’s beyond our control. We can only learn to tame the time we have and make it work for us rather than against us.”

If you tame time today, you will transform your opportunities tomorrow. In the process, you will begin to earn more money in less time with less stress.

In order to create and maintain your perfect day, you must also understand the following seven foundational truths about time:

1. People say all the time that they don’t have “time”, yet how is that possible when they have all the time there is?

2. Most people never develop true freedom because they are chained to their confining and disempowering paradigms.

3. The concept of time management is overrated. Event management is the name of the game.

4. If you don’t know what’s important to you, you will do the things that aren’t.

5. It doesn’t matter where you work. It matters how you work where you are.

6. Run your business or it will run you.

7. Focus on quality – it creates massive freedom.

As you’re thinking more about these time truths, you need to recognize that right now there is a past you, present you, and future you. The past you is the person you think you’ve been up until now. The present you is the person you think you are right now. The future you is the person you think you will become. The present you is really a combination of your past you and future you. This is where each of us differs.

Do you find yourself spending more time wallowing in your past than focusing on your future? If so, then chances are you have become frozen in a past image of yourself and predictable in your thoughts and behavior. You also make what has already happened more important than your future possibilities.

You need to realize that your uniqueness starts in your future you. When you are committed to your future, you are committed to your vision of who you intend to become. If you stay focused on your past, your unique ability will never have the chance to develop.

So, which you are you committed to – the you, you are now or the you, you can become?

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