4 Benefits of Personal Integrity in Business


By Todd Duncan

George Burns, the cigar-champing comic who outlived almost everyone in his generation—including his doctors, was once asked the secret of his enduring success. After taking a couple of long drags on his stogy, Burns thought a bit and answered, “That’s easy. The secret of my success is integrity.”

“Integrity, so that’s it,” the reporter responded.

“Yeah, integrity,” said Burns, flashing his wry smile. “And if you can fake that, you’ve got it made!”

That’s a clever one-liner, but you and I both know it won’t fly in the real world of business and relationships. Okay, reality check: Are you playing a game of pretend when it comes to living a life of integrity, hoping that no one will discover your real agenda?

If so, you may be able to fake it for awhile, but rather than risk ultimate disaster, wouldn’t it be better to use the present window of opportunity to close the gap?

Integrity guides us, restores us, builds our reputation, and secures our legacy. Integrity makes good business sense. Companies that achieve long-term success display the kind of integrity that customers and employees can count on.

Are you a person of integrity? Are you a person who keeps your word to yourself and others? Here is why integrity is so important:

Benefit 1: Increased self-esteem

When you are a person of integrity, you feel better about yourself as a person. When you feel good about you, you will be more effective with those you lead.

Benefit 2: Employee productivity and loyalty

With employees, your integrity translates into trust. When employees have confidence in you, their commitment will be without limits.

Benefit 3: Maintaining a clear conscience

One of the great benefits to leading with integrity is a clear conscience. A clear, honest mind gives you the power to lead with conviction.

Benefit 4: Professional momentum and advancement

You want to continue to advance to higher levels of excellence. The highest level of leadership is when people follow you because they respect you and what you represent.

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