15 Tips to Help You Stay Focused


By Todd Duncan

Everyone can be a visionary in their own life, and a good one at that. In fact, you first must be a visionary in order to build the life you most desire. Now you might be thinking that your circumstances are too difficult or that you are too old to change your life’s direction. But waiting longer will not make anything easier; the time to start is now and you can make a difference.

The fact of the matter is most people don’t pick up their hammer of purpose and begin building. Or if they do, their actions are too few and with little direction. It is no wonder that the walls of many people’s lives are crumbling.

Without action, even the most carefully laid plans will amount to nothing.

You can’t just take any action, you have to take the right action. The wrong action will only take you further from your mission and vision, leaving you at a greater disadvantage than when you started. Here’s a list of tips I’ve compiled to help you not only take the right action, but to stay focused on your journey.

15 Tips to Stay Focused

1. Begin at the end. Your purpose is the foundation of your life.

2. Change your beliefs. Never be a self-doubter or a negative self-talker. You were designed for far more than you believe you are capable of achieving.

3. Raise your standards. Continue to raise them throughout your life, setting aside time each year to ask yourself the question, “How can I raise the bar in my life this year?”

4. Strive for excellence. If it can be done better, be the one to do it. If it wasn’t excellent the first time, do it again. Quality is one of the most important ingredients for success.

5. Make smart choices. Don’t underestimate the power of a smart decision.

6. Develop your discipline. Nothing defines you more than what you do on a regular basis. Create habits that move you closer to your goals.

7. Learn your lessons. None of us are perfect; you will make mistakes. Admit your mistakes and move forward.

8. Persevere with patience. Live one day at a time, enjoying the excitement and beauty of the process.

9. Refine your edges. Always look for ways to increase the value of your life. Remain open and teachable.

10. Honor your mate. Adding value to others’ lives begins at home.

11. Covet your relationships. Seek out and hold onto the friends that add value to your life.

12. Obtain accountability. You cannot build the life of your dreams alone- take others whom you respect and trust with you.

13. Concentrate on character. Do what you say you will do- always follow through. And when you don’t or can’t- admit your mistakes promptly.

14. Listen to God. His wisdom in our lives is far greater than our own- seek his counsel.

15. Spend time on you. Spend time alone at least twice a year to remain in touch with your values.

It’s up to you to continue the building process. Your life - a life filled with significance – awaits you.

Follow Up Questions

Where do you need to remove some nails, or actions, that are not in line with your purpose?

What new standards would require new actions to take your life to an even higher level?

What do you want to be known for when your life as you and I know it is over?

Take Action

Write down 1-3 actions that you will take immediately to begin building your life according to your mission statement.

Remember: These actions will likely be difficult to take, but are necessary steps for building the life you have always wanted. And like any step, the second one is much easier than the first.

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